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With a network of over 1400 supplier villages across the Sahel region and into other parts of Africa, JOBOMAX has rapid and reliable access to a broad variety of raw materials and ingredients. Africa is home to myriad tropical plants with well-known and recently-discovered health and beauty benefits – shea, baobab, argan, kola, tamarind, sesame, mango, hibiscus, and more – even wild honey from the nectar of tropical flowers.

About Shea Butter
For several years shea butter has been a particular focus of our efforts in the US market. The shea butter production and supply industry is ancient. For centuries people of many nations in West and Central Africa have gathered the nut of the Karité tree and ground it into a butter with hundreds of uses. Shea butter (or Beurre de Karité as it is known in French) has long served Africans as food, a soothing balm, a skin preservative and in countless other ways.
Over the last ten years, the healing and regenerative powers of shea on the skin have become more commonly known in Europe and the US. The French cosmetics firm L’Occitane brought shea butter to its upper middle income European clientele in the mid 1990s. Since that time, the small existing base of users and distributors in the US has grown. Between 2000 and 2005, growth began to accelerate rapidly in the US natural products segment.
From relative obscurity a decade ago, shea has become a leading ingredient demanded by health-conscious users of natural body care products. Today, almost every natural body care retailer uses shea in some of its products. Only the best, however, use naturally-produced, fairly traded shea butter sourced directly from producer cooperatives in Africa.




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