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  • Taking Orders Now for Current Season Production And Immediate Shipment
  • JOBOMAX on-demand production: we take orders for specific production schedules at our partner facility in Africa, ensuring that you have fresh, high-quality, Organic- and Fair Trade- Certified shea butter for your personal or small business production.

We know of no other vendors who provide socially responsible, sustainably-produced shea butter with our made-to-order freshness guarantee. Expected shelf life is 2 years; this can increase or decrease depending on how carefully you store the product and what ingredients you blend with it. Experience the luxury of truly fresh, natural shea butter direct from the source.

Fair Trade Labeling

JOBOMAX is a Fair Trade Certified importer/wholesaler sourcing directly from Fair Trade and Organic Certified producers across West Africa.  If you are producing craft cosmetics for local, regional or national markets please contact FairTrade USA or FairTrade Canada to learn how you can use Fair Trade Certified labels on your finished retail product.  We will gladly help you in the process of verifying the custody chain of your Fair Trade Certified shea butter.

Shea Butter Products Available For Immediate Shipment From West Africa:

Product CountryPackaging
Fair Trade CertifiedBurkina Faso, Ghana, Mali1kg bag – 200kg drum
Organic CertifiedBurkina Faso, Ghana, Mali1kg bag – 200kg drum